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    I have a Sprint Treo 700wx, in pristine condition that I am thinking of letting go of. I have three cell phones and the Treo just doesnt suit my needs any more.

    I got it last October and I think I have talked on it less than 100 minutes (I'll have to check for sure). I just dont use it. I had a 600 and 650 before that and love the form factor. I like WM5 too. Just don't use it.

    Why don't I use it? Well I work for a regional carrier and we have to carry our company phone while working. As a result I don't take my Treo to work. I cant. I dont need it enough off work to justify it. So I am considering canceling my Sprint line and selling the Treo. I don't have a sero plan otherwise I'd look for a person to take it over. As it is, I don't think anyone would want to take over my 39.99 FF plan w/$15 PV and 500 txt for free. Maybe there is someone?

    Anyhow I started this thread to get some community feedback on what to do and what price I should ask. I think I need to get at least the ETF, but let me know what you think.

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    it depends... what carrier do you work for?
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    I work for Cricket. We're cdma and I could actually flash my treo to work on our network, but couldnt use it at work, so that'd be pointless.
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    one option would be to quite your job and keep the treo. then apply at sprint. lol

    no seriously, you should be able to get $300 -$400 on ebay. plenty for the etf and then some. maybe not all your money back, but it will get you out.

    good luck, cody
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    Dude I would not work for Sprint.

    Is it ##786# that gives you the life timer?

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