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    wow, do i feel better...thanks for starting up WMExperts...

    had some guilt issues over buying the new Sprint Q and ditching my treo/chatter...(to me the treo is just a vehicle for chatter, the only treo app that matters)...but i was just tired of championing that tired platform and wanted something different for awhile...I FREAKIN' LOVE MY NEW Q...

    feels great, works great, looks great...found free activesync hosting... ....the site texted me a link to a .cab file and it completely installed and configured my phone...totally

    got alot to learn about WM...thanks for this site...

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    mail2web looks nice - I use myself, but that's for-pay.

    i assume you have to use a mail2web email addy or that they put ads in your email or something? how it is free / what do you think of it?
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    it's freakin' ads...mail2web addy...

    active sync makes everything else look hacked and juvenile...

    i can't believe i'm saying that...but it's true...

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    I use mail2web's free service as well. My only complaint is that sometimes there appear to be delays in receiving some of my messages. I have my work email forwarded to one imap email service and mail2web. Mail2web always pushes the emails to my Treo 750 an hour after they arrive in my imap account.
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    Try I've been using it for my Q (paid version) and have been very happy. No delay at all!

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