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    Now that I have done the reg hack to store all e-mails on the SD Card, I'd like to figure out how to delay the opening of the Today screen so that it will not open unless the SD Card is already accessible.

    As many of you know, if you use the reg hack to store all e-mails on the SD Card (not just attachments), you can no longer use the "messaging" plug-in to the today screen. This is because the Today screen comes up faster that the SD Card is ready, and so it creates a new folder in memory called "Storage Card" and remains the SD Card storage to "Storage Card2" which messes everything up (naturally).

    It seems to me the solution is to change the behavior of the device so that it does not open up the Today screen until after the SD Card is ready.

    Possible? Is there a registry entry that starts up Today on boot-up? If so, could it instead start a script that accessed the SD Card and then started the Today app?

    I searched the registry, but I do not really know what to look for. I tried "Today" and "Start" to find either the "Today" program" or any sort of "Start" type registry entry and found nothing, but I do not really know what I am doing yet.
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    Hmmm.. HKLM>>System>>Shell is empty excvept for an empty "Booted" key.

    I wonder if that can help?
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    Did anyone ever find a solution to this? I used SK tools to move email to SD card and am having the same issues where it renames the storage card to Storage card2 on a soft reset. And since I have all my applications installed on the Mini SD card, none of my apps work.

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