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    Dont hate me for asking but I have been using the 700w since it came out and I love it. Would like more memory though so I was thinking about getting the wx for verizon.

    Should I upgrade now or wait to try the xv6800 whenever it comes out? I love treo's, but might it be worth a look at the 6800?

    What do you guys think?
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    as for me the bluetooth dialing is a biggie. palm doesn't think this is important enough.

    I will wait for the reviews for the 6800 to come out and consider it as my next device. evdo rev a, 2 mp camara, bt 2.0, 256 internal mamory, vc 1.6 (bluetooth dialing), ardp, wifi, ect all sound a little too nice to pass up.

    I have the sprint wx.
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    on paper te titan and hermes are awesome devices - in actual useage, they are too but to a degree. although the sliding keyboard models have more features, they tend to be harder to use. the keyboard is nicer bc of the size, but how useful is it if you barely slide it out to use bc it's a hassle?
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    it's not that hatd to slide out. takes about 1/2 a second and you can do it one handed. lol

    the only thing for me that was hard was typing while driving. how often do you do that. I found it nice to have the larger screen that the sliders give.

    I also found it harder to make phones calls without the keys. that was before I found the "smartkeys" app which put contacts and stuff assigned to the dpad. with voice command there is no need for the dialpad. at least not for me. 99% of the calls I made were from contacts in my phone book.

    to each his own though.

    lets not turn this in to a slider vs no slider thread.
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    Well, I did just get my 700WX, but it is not quite teh device I want. though close.

    What I really, really want is:

    A CDMA device with an intuitive interface that can:

    1. Use a BT just as if it were a wired headset.

    2. Use the phone and data connection at the same time.

    3. Not have any issues with insufficient memory.

    4. Have lots of free or low-cost third-party software available.

    5. Have all the alarm features I want - totally customizable alarm notifications and snoozes.

    etc., etc...

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