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    I think I'll take advantage of the Merit program+rebate and get 1-yr extension and 700wx for $450. (It is $399 for 2-yr extension but I don't want to be roped in that long.)

    How is everyone migrating?
    a) Sprite Backup
    b) Spb Backup
    c) Install everything from scratch

    I know "c" is the best way but I'm not feeling it this time. I have a LOT of apps and just went through this when replacing my 700w.

    Has anyone been successful by using the backup apps? If not, how about just restoring a backed up Registry?
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    I'm so used to formatting the 700w (3 times this week alone). That I will install from scratch, I just saved all my application on the SD card to reinstall later.
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    I did a fresh install on my new WX.
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    When I get mine I will do a fresh install. Can not wait for the weekend you know what I will be doing
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    Why not give Sprite Backup a try? I use Sprite Backup for my Treo devices and it works very well. I suggest you to use Sprite Backup to backup the full device and then take advantage of the ROM upgrade restore function to try to restore on your new Treo. Please make sure you follow the instruction which is available from Sprite FAQ. As far as I know, they also request you to run a special tool to capture some information from your previous device.

    If the restore cannot get back what you want then you still can go for install from scratch, it will not hurt
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    I have found that sprite backs up well, but doesnt restore well. That being said with Sprite being free for us, I ended up paying for SPB
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    I looked for a good solution, and ended up just installing from scratch. I had forgotten that the sync client reinstalls the apps on the new Treo with little more than a few clicks.

    An hour later, I had wiped the 700w clean, photographed it, and placed it up on ebay.

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