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    Is anyone out there a MaC head like me and having trougle syncing up so you can send and receive your email from your 700wx? My G5 is found by the Treo by Bluetooth, but cant send email without it going directly to Outlook. I use hotmail.
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    Why not use pocket MSN to get your hotmail ??? Not nearly as efficient as connecting to an exchange server with Active Sync.. but it does work..

    You wont need to connect to your Mac for it to sync over the wireless network.

    Just an idea....
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    I don't fully understand. What does the Mac have to do with you checking Hotmail on or from the 700Wx?
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    Sorry all. I wasn't clear in my needs. If I'm in messaging, I can switch accounts from text to e-mail. If i change to e-mail it goes directly to Msoft Outlook. I dont have an account for that. I want it to go directly to my hotmail account to send. How is that set-up?

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