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    Anyone find a decent SoftReset application for the 700w that doesn't leave programs running? I hate pyulling the battery, and Wei's tends to leave application open upon reboot. Maybe its just my Treo, any other use it?
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    Which application is still running after a reboot? You must have something in your startup folder.
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    Its happeneds randomily, most often when I have Pockt TV open. but also when other apps open such as excel and Word. It's weird, I kind of had a feeling it was just my unit. I will probably format again and retry.
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    Is there a hotkey for a built in Soft Reset?
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    Yeah, that's really strange. I use Wei's for its simplicity and I've never seen it leave a program running. As psyszrd said, it's probably something in your Startup folder, which you can easily remove yourself.

    If you want something more graphical than wei's, however, you can give psShutXP a try ( It's skinnable and has other features, and many people like it. For me, though, I just want a no-frills program that will reset without having to remove the battery cover.
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    Is there a hotkey for a built in Soft Reset?
    No. Without software, the only two ways I know how to soft reset is pulling the battery or using your stylus and pushing the soft reset button (both require pulling off the battery cover).
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    Wei Soft's SoftReset Is what I used on the i730 and I've used it for sometime, I like you enjoy simplicity over graphics. BTW I still use the command prompt for quite a bit of my windows use.

    Thank you for your help.
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