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    Okay, I fixed it. It must be a Windows Mobile glitch... no surprise to me.

    To fix it:

    1. Create another account, duplicating the exact same account as the one you're having trouble with.

    2. Check email...send a test to make sure it works. It should work.

    3. Delete the old account. Sucks huh?

    I tried this after finding my other accounts were working just fine off the same server. Boy do I love Microsoft's programming....sigh
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    Quote Originally Posted by OHSR View Post
    I thought you already tried this... if not then yes definately.

    Whoops...didn't see that until after I tried it. Thanks!
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    this really really sucks

    i have sprint

    getting "invalid recipient" error message with my POP account.

    tried using sprint's smtp. now getting "unable to download messages" error.

    redoing POP accounts, etc etc does not work. please help!
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    I purchased a 700 wx this last weekend. I could not connect to the email nor Outlook for emails. I called Verizon and got a very good representative on the telephone.

    I had to download and install "wireless sync" from the program bar. He walked me through the setup for the internet and email connections. There is no extra charge.

    Now, it works very fast for internet connection and emails.
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