I have read every thread available to try to find an answer, but I still can not get this to work correctly. I am trying to use my Treo 750 on Cingular with DUN and Express Mail push email. The literature with express mail says it will not try to access the email when the treo is being used in DUN mode, but this is not the case. The DUN connection will be dropped everytime Express Mail tried to get a connection. In addition, I get an error message on the Treo saying it could not access the server. Is this a piece of software in need of an update?

Recap. AOL email setup for Push, using Express Mail on Treo 750 through Cingular. When using the treo as a modem with a dial up networking connection via either serial cable or bluetooth, I will get bumped of the call all the time, due to Express Mail trying to check for email.

Any suggestions?