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    FOr some reason this morning my battery indicator reads like the battery is dead. When I check Settings->Power is says:

    Battery Power Remaining: UNKNOWN

    I have not installed any apps and I have had the phone for a month and this just started this morning after taking it off the charger.

    I've tried a soft-reset and nothing has changed. I prefer not to do a hard reset if at all possible.

    Can anyone give me any suggestions?
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    Does it stay as 0 percent if you leave the device on for a minute or two? Often times for me, it shows 0% when I wake up the device and then after a second or two it shows the correct battery status..seems to have a hard time reading the battery level upon wakeup, but your situation might be different.
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    No, it has been 9 hours and it still reads 0.
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    The 750 has an issue with this. It takes a full minute to read my battery and if I use a battery that I bought for the wx it wont read the charge. Are you able to try a different battery, a spare or a friends? If not you could go to a local store and have them put a battery from the demo in yours to see if its just your battery. Did you drop the battery?
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    i am using the seido ext battery and just popped in my mugen 2400 mah battery , been charging all day and it still shows 0%.

    i messed around with some wm5 themes last night, would that cause it?
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    so now i loaded Treo Alerts and it's battery monitor says 255%.....what the ........????
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    Seido battery is defective, and I got a replacement for the same reason!

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