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    So, my new 700wx is on the way, and I'd like to give my 700w to my wife...Can I easily activate it for here account and replace her Razr with it by following the instructions given at.

    Anybody have any success or failures they care to share?

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    You should be able to do it via your account page on VZW's website. It's an ESN change. I did it the other week when I got a 'w' refurb. Look under:

    "My Phone"
    "Activate Phone"
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    If you activate a smartphone (such as Treo) on an existing line which has a regular phone (such as Razr), the website might not let you activate it. It's okay though. If it doesn't let you, call Verizion. The rep will waive the fee for activating via a human.
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    Yup what he said. They would not let me on the web but I called right up on the phone and they did it right away.

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