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    My previous PPC device (hp ipaq 4355) had a memory manager slider bar that allowed me to shift memory from/to program to storage. Does anyone know of a program that allow the 700w to do that? I was kinda surprised that it didn't have it.

    Also I'm looking for an app that will aid me in my limited travels. I have seen the WorldMate and it looks good but I don't need all of that. Maybe what I need is simply a better way to check airline schedules through the web. I have ADBWeather Plus and Google Maps. Anything else?

    All I need for now. Any other cool app ideas for a 700w newbie, but pda oldie are always welcome!
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    If you go to and look at Worldmate, it seems contradictory -- on the one hand you can pick the 700w device and up pops Worldmate as a choice available for purchase. On the other hand if you look at the program and then click the box for compatible devices it SEEMS to indicate that Worldmate does not support the square screen of my lovely 700wx. Unfortunately I think they had an engineer whose second language is English do the design work and copy writing for the website because the popup box showing compatible devices is completely unintelligible for me.

    However, I see from a search on TC that some people have Worldmate loaded and report success.

    So I'm just going to download it and give it a shot. If it does what it promises, then it's worth the money.

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