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    I've given up on finding a headset that will work in a convertable with the top down. But even top up, the road and top noise is too much. Just tried Plantronics unit that says it is "tuned" for auto use; got a call, couldn't hear. Would like to hear of some candidates that you think are louder than most.
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    I have the Motorola H700 and I find it very good as far as volume. I've had to turn it down from the loudest setting because it was too loud for me.
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    You might have a look at the Jawbone. I don't have a convertable but a buddy does and he says he has conversations all the time with the top down.
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    I havethe Jawbone. It is hands-down the best BT headset I've owned (and I've owned more than I can count).

    Wind noise reduction is NOT it's strong point though. I am constantly outside and that is the one part of the headset I don't like. It has no wind noise filtering.

    The best I've had for wind noise reduction was the Logitech Mobile Freedom w/ Windstop Technology. Unfortunately it was an over the ear design and was not very secure or comfortable.

    Overall, the Jawbone is the best IMO but I wouldn't count on being able to use it while driving a convertible.
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    Actually, I've given up on a top-down solution, so no wind noise, just "plain" noise from road and top (and *****in' exhaust sound!). Tried one of the new jawbones and couldn't hear it, but that was with my Treo 650. I got great reports for suppression of outgoing noise, but incoming I couldn't even hear by stepping outside. Maybe I should try again with '750. Any utilities for boosting the headset sound?
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    Plantronics Voyager 510 is a top performer in my book. Sound quality is excellent and loud. It has a wind shield that works very well. Only drawback is that it is not tiny like the new devices out. But I'll take performance over size.
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    Hooray! I have tried at least 18 BT headsets during the last two years (Treo 650) and had given up on removing enough wind noise with the top down for my caller to hear me. Instead I just looked for something loud enough that I can hear while I'm pulling over. Went with the Voyager 510, and it not only is loud enough but my party at the other end can hear me with the top down. Yeah it's a bit noisy and they say I sound sort of funny, but they can hear every word without my pulling over, and I can hear too. Thanks for the top.

    Listed at about $140, but got it at Fry's in Sunnyvale, CA, for $80.

    It is pretty big, but is very light weight, so not uncomfortable to wear for a long time and does not dangle / fall off from head movement.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Try Itech, Its a clip on bluetooth and has a headset jack that way you can actually use different earphones that has noise cancellation such as Bose or Sure. its 40 bucks on ebay plus shipping and 99 for the Sure earplugs.
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    Tried those and others (wired) and didn't find any that adequately cut top-down wind noise except for a wired Plantronics unit that had a foam tip on the boom end (as does the Voyager 510). That was how I disovered the famed "broken connector, Treo thinks there is still a headset inserted" problem on my Treo 650! With that I limited to BT. I would expect the same connector weakness exists with the 750. I'd give this clip a try, to allow going to a wired unit if the 510 didn't work so well.
    Mike Caldwell

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