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    I downloaded Spb Finance to sync with Money 2006. I read the instructions from Spb which mentioned the syncing process might take more than one time to sync all my money files. After 20 attempts (and finding Spb Finance corrupted my Money file), I'm about to give up. Anyone had luck syncing the two? My Money file is 1.8MB (not sure if the size of the file is causing the problem). Thanks.
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    I gave up on SPB Finance and tried Inesoft's Cash Organizer. It sync's flawlessly for me with Money 2006.

    I've successfully used it with a Dopod 818 Pro, a HTC P3600 and now my Treo 750V.
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    Thank you. Inesoft's Cash Organizer worked perfectly. The only thing I had to do was change my Budget setting to Essential from Advanced (the syncing programming in Cash Organizer doesn't like the Advanced Setting in Money). I never really use the Budget feature, so no loss. Activesync grabbed all my Money data the first time. I even got to choose which accounts to sync. Excellent suggestion.
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    I have avoided all SPB programs with my 750. I have loaded all my programs back one at a time and given each a full day to two days to operate before adding another program. I ahve everything but SPB Time and Back up loaded and my Treo is running perfectly. I have read about a lot of people having issues with SPB's products and the 750.
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    I loved the feature set of the SPB product, I just couldn't ever get it to sync properly, and that was with the Dopod 818 Pro not the Treo.
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    I've had problems in the past with Spb Finance syncing with Money. (I use Money Deluxe 2005, not 2006, FWIW.)
    The way I finally handled it was to have it sync with a smaller date range. I've used the "last 30 days" lately, and it's worked well. But, I have corrupted my Money file in the past, so now when I install I make sure to make an extra backup file to restore to, just in case the install doesn't go smoothly.
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    yeah, I've had so many problems in the past with accidentally corrupting the file (with both spb and cash organizer), that I use spb finance as a stand alone. I balance on my 750 and everything works well this way.

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