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    I seem to have a problem in that my wireless manager doesn't load when I hit the menu w key.

    If I go into file manager and run the wlsmgr.exe file I get the wireless manager application up.

    Something must of reassigned the menu key w to something else.

    Is there a way to get this back with out doing a hard reset? (I did a soft reset and have the same problem)

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    if you did the hsdpa hack, it deleted something from your registry....this reg change will fix you up.

    Go here:
    HKLM/Control Panel/WrlsMgr/Redirect

    And add this:

    Wait 30sec and soft reset and you're all set.

    Eph 2:8-9
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    I did the HSDPA hack and had this problem. The registry change above works.
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    great. The fit4cat.exe is what seems to cause this little reg change to happen. If you did the hack without using'd be set. But, it's easier to just do it this way, as I could never get the manual hack right on my own?

    Eph 2:8-9
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    I am missing something. What menu,,,, Reading this thread makes it sound like there is a menu button.
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    When you push "menu" right soft key than go to "wireless manager" This link get messed up when using the fit4cat program. I had this issue to.
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    OIC, thanks. I didn't realize it was a softkey.

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