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  • IM+

    10 30.30%
  • Verichat (with/without SMS)

    7 21.21%
  • Agile

    3 9.09%
  • Octro

    3 9.09%
  • iMov

    0 0%
  • Other (please mention)

    10 30.30%
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    I know this is a big debate and I know everyone has an opinion, and I know this has been discussed here plenty.

    I just wanted to do a quick poll and see which IM app people like.

    I loved Verichat since it used SMS to keep you signed on, and I wish they would fix the server and keep it up. That was my favorite feature, and if any other IM client supported it, I know my decision would be made for me.

    I need something that will keep me connected while running in the background. If I'm on a call, I would want it to reconnect after I hang up. That's the biggest thing I want.

    So, which one do you like the most and why?

    - IM+
    - Verichat (without SMS)
    - Agile Messenger
    - Octro
    - iMov
    - Other
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    You're missing WebMessenger and Causerie from your list. I haven't even heard of some of them. Are these WM? My actual vote, based on experience, would be for Causerie.
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    Yes, they're all for WM. Sorry, I forgot the other 2, but that's why I put the "other" option on there .

    - IM+ -
    - Verichat -
    - Agile -
    - Octro -
    - iMov -
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    OK. Next time Bill will pay attention to the forum name at the top. Nevermind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taroliw View Post
    OK. Next time Bill will pay attention to the forum name at the top. Nevermind.
    We have been working on Causerie for Treo 700 [w] version. Its in beta and we have another thread opened for it.

    Thanks taroliw.
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    I'm using IM+ because it's the only one good enough.

    Verichat I might have preferred, but it's discontinued. It's a mystery to me why people keep bringing up Verichat in these forum polls and discussions as to which is the best IM app if it's not even for sale.

    Agile was ok, but just doesn't work for me half the time.

    Octro, I could only get to work with Google, not with Yahoo.

    The others I never even heard of.

    What I really like is IM+ for Blackberry. It's totally different than the WM and PalmOS versions and 10 times better. For some reason they cut a lot of corners for WM5.

    I'm going to beta test causerie as soon as I hear back from support. All I can say is that it needs to be able to view (as well as set my own) status messages of people online. I don't know why that feature is missing from most IM programs. A today plugin would be nice as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by causerie View Post
    We have been working on Causerie for Treo 700W version. Its in beta and we have another thread opened for it.
    That's great news... unless you're a Causerie user on Palm OS and are still waiting for enhancements... Just some feedback for the developers. But that really wasn't the point of my reply, since I had no idea about a WM version. I simply hadn't noticed this was in a WM forum when I first posted.
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    WM Causerie uses .net 2, which is not good. It would be nice if they could develop a native version that doesn't require .net.
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    What's wrong with .Net? Other than it takes up memory.
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    I like alot of those apps, IM+ is nice, and Agile actually worked well for me, they all just have one thing that made Verichat such a wonderful app though, the SMS trigger, it doesn't seem like much but for battery life, you could stay connected all the time and not have to worry about battery usage. I managed through alot of searching to dig up the cab file for the OZ client and it works well, it uses nothing but text, no data, but it doesn't use much memory and it doesn't use any more battery life that the phone just being on. I think thats why people are still hung up on Verichat, thats my two cents anyway...
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    That's why I loved Verichat iramike. That's the one thing that set Verichat apart from the rest.

    I have IM forwarding setup for AIM so I can stay connected to that all the time, and that's a good backup for Verichat.

    For Yahoo I setup Trillian on a server that's always on and configured the IM Everywhere plugin. This program will forward all IMs to an email address, which I used so it comes over as a text. Its been working great and it'll work for all platforms. It has a small webserver built in so that you can login to see your buddy list through your browser.
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    Like I said before I started playing with this cab file I found of the OZ messenger, and for what I do, it is working out really well, no drain on battery and the messages seem to go through pretty well. I used this way back in the day when I had a T-Mobile blackberry that had it, I know people complain about this messenger but it actually works well for me and always has. I thought about IM forwarding and using AIM, but thats to much and there are times where I don't want to be connected though that seems right now to be the most popular solution.
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    I would agree that verichat was the best. If only it were still available.....
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    The verichat cab file is still easily obtained and still seems to work fine for me.

    I use IM+ though, and will probably switch to Octro once its done being so buggy.
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    What happens to Verichat after the 15 day trial now that you can't buy a license?

    Will it work indefinitely?

    It is still the only always on solution.
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    verichat's trial expires after 15 days and you can't buy it unless you previously had a subscription. I would not recommend buying it at all now. The servers are frequently down and it disconnects constantly. Couple that with a complete absence of support and you have a useless application. I say that with great sadness because I loved it when it worked as advertised. Damn you Nokia for killing the best IM app ever!
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    Has anyone tried Mundu v4 on a 750w?
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    Since this seems to be the most recent "IM Client" post, I'll ask here.
    1. Is there any current SMS-triggered IM client (that is, one that works the way Verichat did)?
    2. Mundu IM on my AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser) works ok, but in tablet mode the text input area (block recognizer field, transcriber toolbar, etc) overlays the area that displays the IM you're trying to write. One can minimize the input field while using the slider keyboard, to uncover the outgoing IM field, but it makes using the application in tablet mode quite difficult.
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    Do any of these support Skype IM? I know there is one app out there (not the actual Skype app that also allows for VOIP over 3G and WiFi) that permits IM on Skype but I'd like an IM app that handles multiple services including Skype.

    Strange I know...but I think I use the chat feature on Skype more than I do for VOIP.
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    What are peoples thoughts on MunduIM for WM5 (Treo 750)? I'm looking for either a good free IM client for AIM, ICQ, etc. or something rather cheap. With Agile you have to keep paying
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