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  • IM+

    10 30.30%
  • Verichat (with/without SMS)

    7 21.21%
  • Agile

    3 9.09%
  • Octro

    3 9.09%
  • iMov

    0 0%
  • Other (please mention)

    10 30.30%
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    i used Mundu for 5 days, ran out my trial and cant seem to get it to notify me of an IM when my phone is on Standby in my pocket (Treo 750) so it really doesnt do me any good. I wrote their support staff to see if it is suspose to alert me when the app is minimized and my phone is in my pocket, but they havent gotten back to me yet..
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    I tried Mundu and the navigation integration with the Treo 750 was poor. It essentially required the stylus for most interaction.

    There were two features that I have not found combined on a WM IM application yet which I deem to be high priority.

    1. AIM status shows when on AIM mobile. Not putting the user in a mobile section and still showing them in whatever other section they are listed (Mundu and IM+) But actually showing that the screen name has switched to AIM Mobile. Octro Talk has this. Octro is actually done by the original Verichat guys.

    2. The ability to log the IM sessions and send them to an email address for archiving. Verichat had this and so does BeeJive on Blackberry. In fact if I went back to Blackberry BeeJive is my favorite.
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