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    Hi All. I have searched the forum but this may already have been answered, in which case I apologise.

    When playing music, how can I lock the keyboard?

    The built in Keyguard seems to turn off Media Player when it is activated. I know I can turn the screen off by assigning a key to that function in Media Player, but I want to lock keys too. Keyguard will not engage while Media Player is running, and manually engaging it stops the player.

    Ta everyone!
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    Just what the doctor ordered!

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    yep, works great! jgold..any idea what the battery drain is like when the screen is off with screensaver vs. the normal power off? I know the Qcaps app for the treo that's being worked on breaks the standard treo keyguard so this might be the solution..if the battery drain isn't bad when the phone is in that state...
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