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    Hello all. Im now using SPB pocket plus and WM5NewMenu and have a question. I've been trying to find the file that launches the PP task manager so I can map it to NewMenu which is stacked on my left soft key. Can this be done? What file do I need to look for? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Currently I have it mapped to press and hold on the side button but would rather do the above.
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    I don't use Spb Pocket + but use SBSH iLauncher, these are kind of similar. With iLauncher there are EXE files in the Program Files\SBSH\iLauncher directory and one of them is called iLauncherTaskManager.exe - this file launches the task manager.

    Any chances Pocket + works like that? Have you looked in Program Files\Spb\Pocket Plus?

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