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    Had the 750 for cingular for over a month now. Have some minor quirks that Cingular said they will issue me a new phone for through warranty. However, when they tried to pull up my IMEI number, there were two things that went wrong:

    1. The IMEI number is registered to another person's line. This was a brand new phone that I bought the day it came out at a Cingular store.

    2. The IMEI number shows up as being a Treo 650.

    Just wondering if anyone else has any problems with good ol' Cingy.
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    I called them about my Medianet not working and they said my 750 was also showing up as a 650. The CSR said this has been happening alot.
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    I just posted this in another thread, but was curious to know if this is why Cingular has been giving out incorrect subsidy unlock codes for the Treo 750 because of the mis-assigned IMEI numbers.
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    Also, the other thing is that the computer system on the corporate store is fine and registers that IMEI as a 750. However, Cingular tele-support doesn't recognize that.

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