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    I've had DUN over 3G working on my Treo 750v and Macbook for a while. For some odd reason, it recently stopped working. I tried setting up everything again following these instructions

    but after pairing, my Macbook no longer asks if I want to use my phone's data connection. The frustrating thing is that all this used to work perfectly.

    What I don't understand is: Is my Treo no longer reporting a data connection to the Macbook, or is there a problem on my Macbook?

    I also accidentally cleared the Activesync notification on my Treo and it stopped syncing altogether. Although I fixed that problem eventually, I am starting to suspect I could have caused this DUN problem the same way. Does anyone have more information?

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    An alternative you could use is USBModem:

    I never could get the Mac to dial out on the Treo, although all the pairing and settings were correct.

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