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    Ok so here is a hypothetical question WHAT IF you could get wm6 on the 750 AND you got a replacement screen for a 680 could you install that on the 750?? anyone know if the screen hook ups are located in the same location? Just a thought I dont think I would spend the $100+ bucks for the added resolution ... although I could probably ebay my old screen for close to that.
    Anyways just trying to think of new ways to make my treo even better
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    I thought the same thing, and when I checked a few websites, the screens on (search for "treo screens"), look like the ribbon connector is in the same exact place on both screens.

    I watched two videos on the site showing how to take apart a 680 and a 700w (screen part is the same for 750 cingular and 750v) and it appeared the screens were identical in configuration and placement.

    I even wanted to mod my 750 by using a colored Treo 680 case, but I found out that the IR port is on top of a 680 with the vibe switch. On our 750s, it is on the side. Bummer, I like the crimson and copper.

    Although maybe a crimson keypad on our blue 750 looks a little patriotic, hmmm.
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    This should be relevant to the 750 since it uses the same screen as the 700w/wx.
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    I got as excited as you guys, thinking about this possibility. I looked at the chipset the 750 uses and the max resolution it is capable of is qvga (240X320). So you would not benefit from this mod.
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    Thanks, petesonline, for the research.
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    The best part is that the treo 750 uses the Qualcomm MSM6275. If you look at the diagram of the chip set it has a gps chip on it, I know it is enabled( at least that is the big brother theory, FCC reg) no how to use it with TomTom.

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