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    Palm introduces the Treo with native HSDPA support in Australia on the Telstra network: Where is the official support for Cingular?
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    the specs on the palm AU page confirm HSPDA. au$1299 unlocked (about US$650)
    Telstra, the largest phone company in Australia, runs the same 850Mhz W-CDMA network as Cingular so the hardware will be identical.

    Some users have already got them and are impressed with the speed. See the phone forum under discussioms here

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    It is actually AU$1199, not $1299.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trojanvision View Post
    Where is the official support for Cingular?
    We'll get it eventually.
    Not that I have any tangible evidence to support this, but I believe Cingular is demanding about ROM customizations and very slow to test and approve new software. In other words, I blame Cingular more than Palm.
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