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    I have 2 Treo 700wx (one I purchased for myself, got a new job and replaced the work PPC-6700 with another Treo 700wx). Is there a way to connect two of these PDAnet connected treos to the same PC (laptop) to combine their speeds?
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    I think that only one treo, or one wm device can have pdanet registered at a time. you can the run the software an other computers to use the one device that is running pdanet. for both devices to have pdanet runing at the same time it would that two registered purchases.

    I then wouldn't see how you could run both pda's on the same computer at the same time.
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    you could possibly as a longshot do two phones connected in different means at the same time... for example...
    one phone using the activesync/pdanet combo- you can only have one activesync connection at a time...
    the other phone using a native usb modem dirver or something similar with the sprint connection manager...
    but you'd need something to allow you to "team" the 2 network connections as one, which is usually only found on servers and not on normal computers/laptops.
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