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    I received today a replacement InnoDock Jr from Seidio - I had returned my original one to them a few weeks ago. I was hoping that it was the new design with the charging fix, but from my testing, it's the same old broken version that does not charge the 750. Sigh. Seidio didn't tell me they were shipping it, so I don't know what the real story is. Guess I'll have to contact them again. Grrr.....
    Please keep us updated, holmes4!
    I think their customer service sucks on top of their tech support.
    Their response is mostly very slow and incorrect
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    They had me send it back, again, for "re-modification", and offered to credit me for shipping. I really don't understand what is so hard about this. There must be some sort of internal limiter in the dock or its design locks the USB master into low power mode.
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    I'm sorry but this sounds like too much stress for a dock. I'd have asked for a complete refund already!! Seidio sounds like a pain to deal with and this isn't the first time people have said that, yet people still order from them. What do they have that others don't?
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    SEIDO !!!!!!!!!!! Anynews re the modified version ? and when will it be dispatch to those who bought the non-working version ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by raymondcmtam View Post
    SEIDO !!!!!!!!!!! Anynews re the modified version ? and when will it be dispatch to those who bought the non-working version ?
    We did just launch the Treo 750 version but I'm not sure how many we received in our initial shipment. Please contact Margaret at 832-204-1118 for a replacement.

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    My Innodock does not have stereo sound even with the stupid impedence matching thingy that if actually needed should have been built into the cradle.
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