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    Well, I have a 700p on a SERO plan and am happy. Just about, not too much.
    My work today approved me getting a 700wx if I want it. What would you do? I would like to try the WM6 on the 700wx if I can get it, switch phones on the Sero, give my 700p to the wife who needs a new phone with BT and has run out of contract on the VZW since last Nov.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    I thought the 700p had BT issues?

    Not with your setup?

    Anyway, it was a nice way of starting another wm6 thread. lol... I mean, really... who knows if it will be offered or when wm6 will launch... we all have guesses... but that all they are at this point. (unless something new came out today....)
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    700p has all kind of issues. Been there done that
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    The 700wx is sweet, but you may never see a WM6 release from Sprint/Palm for it.
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    go for it. if you dont like it switch your wife to the wx. i had the p and now use the wx. to each his own though. lol
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    You can't use that phone if your wife is on Verizon.
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    The 700wx is a better than the 700p.

    More stable, multitasks, and is actually more usable.

    BT works perfectly (for me).
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    I have both and I love the 700wx. It's admittedly slower, and heavier as far as the OS goes, and not as intuitive, but once you get used to it you'll never go back. The power and multitasking is unmatched. My 700p would lock up all the time so I finally gave it to my girlfriend who isn't as picky.

    I seriously doubt we'll see WM6 on the 700wx because of the screen resolution issues.

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