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    I seem to have the infamous SD card problem.

    I'm using a 2gb Corsair which i got last week, it worked for 2 days, then the card disappeared and I couldn't make it reappear. It wouldn't even work in my laptop via the adaptor.

    So I thought it was a bad card, and exchanged it for another. Things were fine for another 2 days, and now the exact same problem it won't show up in the treo or in the laptop. Could I have gotten 2 bad cards? Is the treo doing something to the card to make unreadable?

    Quite frustrated at this point - as I'll need to reinstall all the software again if I get another card.

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    Did you format your card before use? People seem to recommend having it at FAT32. I am using a Transcend 2Gb Card no issues [touch wood] for about a month now.
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    Actually, I didn't format.

    I just returned it again, and got a SanDisk. It's working fine, but I'm wonder if I should format. Probably makes sense...
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    I had a SanDisk originally as well--2 GB miniSD. At first, I didn't format, and had the disappearing problem, but a soft reset would fix it. Did quite a few soft resets over time and all of the sudden, now no more problems and I still haven't formatted the card. Not sure what it is.

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