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    I use my Treo 750 as an MP3 player in my car. I have an auxiliary input in my glove box, so I just plug that into the mini plug in the Treo. However, playing MP3s it is a battery killer.

    I am looking for a car mount (dash mount or window mount or similar in the image of the iGrip). I want the mount to have inputs for power and audio so I can leave those inputs always plugged into the mount; then, when I put the Treo into the holder the connections are there.

    That will minimize my fumbling, make the Treo easier to see while driving, and alleviate my power consumption problems.

    Anybody know of anything like that?

    TIA ...
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    Try They have a mount with a power adapter built in. However, it doesn't look like it's available for the 750 yet, and does not have audio built in either.

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