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    can someone please explain to me the differences between all the different email options... i dont understand the books explaination...

    i just want to download my AOL emails... do i use pop3 or imap4?

    & how come some need an incoming and outgoing server?

    i dont use outlook at home but maybe i should i just sign on to aol...

    whats the easiest and quickest way to do this??

    Whats get good? can i use this to downlaod aol emails ???
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    I did a search on google and found your answer. Enjoy.

    Here's another link that might be helpful for other WM5 tutorials and FAQ's
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    its still not working correctly when i set up an aol account on here before i didnt ahve to do a incoming and outgoing server what am i doing wrong...
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    AOL should have settings to download email through Outlook. Do a search on AOL's site....I am pasting a link from their site that I found by searching:
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    im basically having trouble with server information step 5..... i never recalled doing this for my previous emaila dress is there generic server code to go in here?
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    why do some directions say
    here it says, Require SSL connection, say No (uncheck the box).

    but some say YES to click it... which do i do...?
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    I don't think the SSL connection box needs to be I would say No.....
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    It depends on the servers. for incoming for outgoing.

    Quick google came up with this link. It is for configuring a mac, but all the settings should apply to poutlook/outlook.
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