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    Hey guys...

    Currently I am using my company exchange server thru activesync pushed to my treo, and I also forwarded my gmail and roadrunner pop to my company email as well..

    Now my question is, is there a possible way to differentiate among hundreds of emails that I get, and to be able to tell which one came from which email account???
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    You could setup folders for each email address and create rules/filters to move any new messages from a specific address to its respective folder. You can setup filters on the Exchange server via Outlook or Outlook Web Access.

    You would then setup pOutlook to sync those folders as well. The problem is that pOutlook does not give you new mail alerts for subfolders...only the inbox.
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    I have mine set up as Stroths suggests. However, when I set up the rules I choose to "send a copy" to the specific folder, this way I still get the email alerts for new mail in my inbox. I read them in my inbox, then I can delete them from the inbox knowing that they are in the their specific folders still as unread mail. Using the mortscript folder switch script I can easily tell by the number of new unread messages in the other folders. Hope this makes sense, its not the most elaborate work-around but it is pretty simple and one handed, thanks to the folder switch script.


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