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    I just noticed on my Cingular Treo 750 that there is no Transcriber tool. Is this the same for everyone? I know on my 8125, with the built-in Notes application, I can do hand-written notes (and not have that transcribed to typed notes) and draw as well adding pictures and illustrations. I can't seem to find that functionality here on the 750. Could someone tell me if it's like this for all Treo 750 or if it's just mine/Cingular? I like the option of adding a drawing or illustration once in a while.
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    When you open notes, click the menu button on the right and choose draw from the list to draw on the screen.

    As for transcriber, I have not seen it. The means of entry are on screen keyboard, block recognizer (similar to graffiti) and letter recognizer.
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    Thanks! Can't believe I missed the Draw mode. I also found out that if you write text in the "Draw" mode that you described, and then you go back to menu, tools, recognize--it will "transcribe."
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    Here you go, works like a champ on the 750...

    This is the same transcriber that comes all almost all standard PocketPC's
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