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    Other than one time with in the first 10 minutes of having the phone, I am unable to send/receive MMS (picture mail). I have hard reset the device and have tried another device. Everything worked fine on my prior Treo 650.

    I am using the Cingular branded phone on the Cingular network. I have twice contacted support and they say settings are correct. I don't use MMS that often and I can always email the pictures but today at lunch someone else with a 750 (nice to see someone else with one here in South Florida) said they had the exact same issue.

    Phone times out and will not send. On receive the number of the sender comes in and I am notified of a neew message but only the top 10% of the picture is visible.

    Anyone else?

    Any suggestions?
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    do you have express mail instaled? if so thats the problem can have both. have to chose pics or email.
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    having the same issue. ewhip must be right b/c when i re-register my gmail through xpress mail all my mms messages appear. that doesn't seem like a fair trade off though. email or mms? c'mon!

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