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    Anyone use the following prog yet? It is supposed to do more then a hard reset. This might clear up some Vodafone and Cingular bugs.

    Allthough at the moment it is only listed for Cingular phones and not the Vodafone versions. It is also not listed on the European site of Palm.
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    It looks to me as if this is a way to do the "zero out reset" without needing four hands. I don't see that it would "clear up bugs". The purpose of this is to eliminate all trace of user changes as even a hard reset leaves user data in memory.
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    Very odd. Sounds like it is doing a format of the device rather than just an erase so it would be a secure delete. I wonder when this popped up.

    But this isn't going to fix anything that a hard reset doesn't do.
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    Looking closer - this is indeed the way one does a zero-out or Factory reset on the 750. On some other models, the process is complex and is hard to do with a single person. See here for details.
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    They provided this in response to the issues brought up in articles recently about how data isn't truly erased during a hard reset on NVFS devices, so that if folks sell their devices the data can be recovered and potentially used for malicious purposes. This overwrites all the data with 0s etc so that the data is not recoverable, so more secure than a simple hard reset.
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