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    I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.

    First, let me say that I've read the thread of the Treo 750 vs the 8525. I've read the ups and downs of both.

    Now, my post:

    I currently have a 650. Its been a good PDA but lackluster as a phone. I like the Palm interface but I don't like a lot of the software that is out there for it.

    So here's my delima: I'm finally fed up with my phone and wanting to upgrade. I do like the Treo shell, but worried about getting another one and have crappy voice service. Here are my main uses for a phone:

    1. Must have email and web that is easy to navigate
    2. SMS is used fairly often but not too heavily
    3. Must, must have great contact management
    4. Voice cannot suck

    I'm very interested in both of these phone for the 3G capabilities. I'm curious to know everyone's experience with the two using 3G. Also if the phones have integrated more closely with Cingular's online services.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    1. Must have email and web that is easy to navigate
    a. Of-course the Treo 750 does this...

    2. SMS is used fairly often but not too heavily
    a. Of-course the Treo 750 does this...

    3. Must, must have great contact management
    a. great is very subjective. I dont like the built in contact features of WM 5, so I have used Pocket Informant, Agenda One is also very good and an up-and-coming software title.

    4. Voice cannot suck
    a. The Treo 750 is truly a phone first! The voice quality is superb! Most callers are not aware im on my cell.

    Stay away from anything with the HP brand on it no matter what phone yo get, voice quality has always been an issue on every HP phone I have owned in the past.
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    I think the thing you haven't mentioned (except in passing) is the form factor. The slidey-keyboard form factor of the 8525 is definitely an acquired taste. I couldn't stand it. My mainstay phone was a 650 and I experimented with all sorts of "Treo Killers" but always came back to the 650. Form factor was a key one and I hated the sliding keyboard. I found other reasons to hate the other Treo Killers. Now I have the 700wx. It's really good so I think you'll like the 750.

    God made the 30-day phone test drive just for situations like yours. Get the 8525 first (since you know what the Treo feels like already) and run it for 10 days or so. If you like it, you're done. If the 8525 sucks the f@rts out of dead seagulls, you can get the 750 and I'm pretty sure you'll be happy with the 750.
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    Thanks for the responses. I do love the Treo form. Its very easy to manage.

    In the last 6 months I've encountered a lot of issues with my calls being choppy (or becoming choppy, or just cutting out). I've also had troubles with my phone simply not dialing out. So I worry about another Treo and the issues it might have.

    For anyone that has both (or tried both), which screen do you think works best? I have not had the chance to go to a Cingular store to compare the two yet, but I hope too soon.
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    I can confirm that the 750 is MUCH better as a phone than the 650. The sound quality on both ends is excellent.
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    I'm not sure if you were on the fence about the 8525 or 750, but I had an 8525 and now have a 750.
    In my opinion the voice quality for phone calls is better on the Treo 750. Particularly how you (on the Treo) sound to people on the other end. The Treo's mic and 'sending' sound quality is significantly better. The 8525 picks up a ton of background noise... As if it's too sensitive. When my wife calls from the car she's very clear and I hear very little background noise.
    I didn't really know how bad the 650's voice quality was until got the 750, it's that much better.

    The 8525 however has an awesome external speaker. So if you do a lot of hands free conference calls or want it to play music, it's much better. Not that the 750 isn't adequate.

    The Treo is clearly better as a phone in multiple ways. Even reception is a tad better.

    The rest of it is just WM. In my opinion contacts is pretty adequate and there are plenty of 3rd party options. Same for calendar.
    The email is very simple to navigate. The only complaints I have is:
    1) There is no "mark all as read" or "select all" so you can select all, them mark them. You have to highlight/scroll the messages on the screen then click/hold and select "mark unread" then again to "mark read"
    2) Does't support HTML email. Than God it's coming in WM6.
    Otherwise email works fairly darn welll. No other complaints.
    All of the 3rd party email programs aren't very good. Flexmail is nice but has it's issues. Unlike Palm OS where you have Snappermail and Chatter, both excellent 3rd paty mail programs. But thankfully mail on WM5 is good enough and not bad at all.
    The web browse (IE4) is much better than blazer on the 650. I also use Opera Mini and there is always Opera Mobile and Netfront as options.

    So I say go for the switch. Take the time to really educate yourself on how to use it when you get it or you'll be really frustrated. But as you get used to it I think you'll like it, especially multitasking.
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