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    If you are constantly transferring files from your Mac to your Bluetooth Device (Treo, iPaq, etc.) you may enjoy this Apple Automator Action I created. This puts a folder on your desktop. Drag a file to the folder and it automatically transfers this file to your Phone/PPC via. Bluetooth.

    Apple Running Mac OSX with Automator
    Bluetooth Phone/PPC Device
    Bluetooth Object Push (Automator Action Installer - ATTACHED BELOW)

    1. Install the Bluetooth Automator Action above.
    2. Open Automator and do a Search for Bluetooth (So you can find the Bluetooth Action you just installed).
    3. Double click the Bluetooth Action. Change the Settings as shown in images below.

    Automator Settings for the Bluetooth Action: (Select your Paired Device)

    Save as Plug-in, Folder Action on your Desktop:

    Desktop Folder (I created a Treo Logo for this folder)
    Attached Files Attached Files

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