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    I'm on the Tytn and I can tell you that the wake-up issue happens on this device too and it also used to happen on my mda, both of which are WM5.0 PocketPC Phone edition. It's clearly the OS as others have said. And like others have said, it usually happens when I try to turn it on too fast. I then end up doing a soft-reset...very, very, very annoying.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    From what I remember reading awhile ago, there are two main reasons this can happen. When the phone receives a call, email or something like that, there is a lag in the OS while it is doing some background processing. This doesn't stop the phone itself from going to sleep, depending on your power settings. So, if you turn the phone on rapidly after one of the events above, your basically turning the phone off, putting it fully into sleep mode. So, another press of the button wakes it up again

    The second way this can happen can be what settings you have for your screen and power off settings. If the back light for the screen turns off before the phone itself goes to sleep, this can happen. If your in a dark room or not the best lighting, you don't notice that the phone is still on, just the backlight is off. So, pressing the power button shuts it off and puts it to sleep fully. Again, pressing the power button turns it back on.
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    Unfortunately the power settings don't solve this issue. Trust me,I've tried every possible combination. Right now I have the back light & power settings to go off after 1 minute. However,if just the backlight shuts off,it will drain your battery like crazy because the screen itself is still on.
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