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    has anybody else have this problem with te Treo 700w on not receiving text or mms messages, and after you do a *228 opt# 2 then the messages appear! Please let me know if this is a common problem, thanx!!
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    Do you have the SMS threaded messaging app by any chance? I'm having the same issue. Also a 700w owner.
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    I have this issue every now and again, I do have the threaded app installed, and I just do a reset and it fixes everything no problem. I generally have to do a reset maybe once every three or four days no big deal anymore.
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    I just posted this in the SMS threaded app thread:

    I've discovered that this happens when someone sends me a message that is longer than 160 characters. It "clogs" my incoming messages, sometimes for hours on end. Sending seems to be fine, since people get my messages (They've called me to tell me); however, I don't get their replies.
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    I don't have sms treading in my phone, and some of the messages are only a few words , so maybe this is a issue with windows mobile i think, because of course i called Verizon of this issue, and of course don't have a clue on why this is occuring.
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    My 700wx is on Sprint and for the first time in a while, a message stuck in my outbox. I have the threaded SMS app running and its been flawless for a long time now.
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