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    For anyone joining:

    To start you will need:

    Than view these installation instructions by hannip, thank you!!!!

    Finally the beginning of the thread is:

    I started this to shorten the threads.

    What is A2DP, It is the ability to stream the audio to a stereo bluetooth device. I recently aquired the Moto HT820 for use with my 700wx. And to my suprise I found out that sprint does not have A2dp inc with the 700wx. If anyone has anything to add feel free.
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    OK again special thanks to Hannip and many other who helped contribute....

    I managed to hard reset and did the above instructions, and it works to the point that it skips quite abit.

    which we new
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    Check this out :
    A2DP Information
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    try this
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    What is it? What are we suppose to try?
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    Hey, I've been trying to get the A2DP working with a Treo 700wx and HT820 headset for about a month now. I've read all the threads I could find and tried all the hacks posted by Hannip (thx a lot for your efforts btw). When I try to play music now, the connection doesn't get dropped but there are gaps in sound every second or every few seconds. I'd like to help out with anything you guys need.

    Does anyone have an idea of when Softick's coming out with Audio Gateway for WM5?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTLADV View Post
    try this
    That doesn't work with the W/WX. Tried it when I had my WX.
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    Softick is interested in supporting WM5 devices with their Audio Gateway software and are in fact working on it now. It doesn't sound like they are close but who knows. No ETA yet.

    I would also like to get voice dialing via BT working but I realize a2dp is the focus here.

    The baudrate limitation hannip spoke of sounds like the hurdle to me.
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    Any one have any solutions yet for A2DP?

    I found this at another forum:
    It is dupposed to adjust the CPU but im not sure, will be trying it in a little bit.

    Also, watch your memory when you start the stream to your stereo headset. It skips everytime the memory is used (meaning something else runs or stops).
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    Does this CAB get installed with the other hack or by itself?
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    Well I would say that it would have to be because there is no A2DP Support yet on the phones that it would have to be. I believe that this is to help counter the Skipping.

    I am going to test this.... now so I will post results if it helps or even works.
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    Still lagging... UGH! I thought we might have had something...
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    Can some one open there memory, and write it down (with nothing running) and then open up wmp with something streaming music via bt and then while that is running look at there memory usage again. When i do that on mine it takes 75% of my memory.

    I am wondering that if we setup a socalled identical copy of the 750 if we could get that to work, might take a few resets, but there are a tone of bt settings that can be tweaked.

    Oh and if hannip views this, thank your for hooking me up with mortscript!!!
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    I'll do it if you tell me the program you use to look at memory usage

    (and if it's free, I can't afford any more software)
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    Want me to use WIMR?
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    Just go and look at the systems memory in settings, thats what I have been using, maybe tho there is a better way to look at it, and know what exactly is causing the flux.
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    If you use the built-in Memory thing all you get is storage and program memory size. Is that what you want?

    Total- 25.45MB
    In use-16.67MB
    Free- 8.78MB

    Total- 25.45MB
    In use- 18.95MB
    Free- 5.15MB

    So it uses about 3.5MB. That tells us nothing...
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    Wonder if the Verizon wx will support A2DP? I've rumors it will. I have a HT820 and will check it out as soon as I get my mitts on a VZ wx.....hopefully in a day or so....back soon.
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    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I haven't heard of that until this morning... Here's the specs

    * Windows Mobile® 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition — (Pocket Outlook® with Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Pocket MSN® Messenger®, Activesync®, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel®, Pocket Powerpoint®, IE Mobile, Windows Media Player 10, pictures, voice recorder, calculator, clock, alarm, games and much more...)
    * 1xRTT/1xEV-DO
    * 128MB FLASH/64MB RAM
    * Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
    * Text, Picture & Video Messaging (MMS)
    * Windows Media® Player 10
    * 1.3 Megapixel digital camera
    * Wireless Sync
    * BroadbandAccess Connect capable
    * Voice Command
    * 240x240 color TFT touchscreen
    * 5-Way Navigator
    * QWERTY Keyboard with LED Backlight and Keyguard Feature
    * Expansion Slot for SD Cards
    * Speakerphone

    And under accessories, these are listed:

    * Standard Lithium Ion Battery
    * Stylus
    * Travel Charger
    * Stereo Headset (no warranty)
    * USB Data cable
    * Quick Reference Guide
    * Getting Started CD-ROM including User Manual

    Which means yes, it will support a2dp... This is really good. Seeing as they're almost the same hardware, maybe whoever gets their hands on one could get the drivers/registry changes and upload 'em. You think that upgrading the RAM is what was needed to make a2dp work?

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    Sorry but that isn't a BT stereo headset, but just the wired headset that comes with the unit.
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