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    I didn't know it was possible, but ShieldZone has a full body shield for the 750. Does this stuff really stick to the 750's rubbery paint? I know when you take the shield off, it's really sticky. Won't that pull the rubbery paint off?
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    I'm sticking with the Seidio rubber case. It offers more coverage and is easier to put on. The BestSkinsEver/ShieldZone skins are a pain to put on. I have used the skins on 4 different devices and everyone started peeling after a few weeks of use. Not to mention the price ShieldZone charges is completely ridiculous.
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    They're not hard to put on. I've been putting these things on every gadget I need to protect (I use BSEs most of the time). ShieldZone also has a great return / exchange policy for these things.

    I've never had the peeling problem as I keep my BSE / IS skinned devices in silicone skin cases.

    Anyone here try the IS yet on the 750?
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    Bestskinsever is the exact same thing and more than 1/3 the cost. I bought Invisishield once and am now a BSE fan.
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    With the 650 and 700 series, the BSEs were better as they covered and protected more of the Treo's body. The Invisible Shield for the 680 and 750 are better this time since they cover more of those units' bodies. The BSE for the 680 / 750 doesn't come with the small piece to cover the battery cover release "button" and a piece to cover the SD card / MiniSD card door.

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