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    Ive been lurking around for a while now, and I finally purchased a wx on ebay. My contract is up in December, so If a newer model comes around, Ill use the rebate then. Im a New to the smart phone world.I read plenty and the positives seem to outweigh the negatives.

    Anyways...I was just wondering:

    Are there any updates that come from Palm? Im not certain what the manufacture date is on the I want to make sure my phone will be up to date. As far as the SD wifi card...I cant recall reading if smaller SD cards are available now..?
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    I think you'll like the wx. I know I like mine.

    I haven't seen any updates from Palm. Don't hold your breath. Just go ahead and install the SMS threaded feature taken from the 750, buy your favorite 3rd party software, and be happy.

    I think all of the wifi SD cards stick out of the top. I haven't seen any that are teeny-tiny. I haven't bothered getting one for my wx, since EVDO is plenty fast enough for my purposes and is ubiquitous.
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    don't forget the "sms patch" that is the only update from palm at this time. you will need this if your version is 1.13 and not 1.14.

    here is a link to the patch

    here a another link for general must haves stuff.

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    good news--- I received my phone today

    bad news---- the phone shows to have a balance.(business account)

    I called sprint twice, thinking that perhaps, in my excitement, Id dictated the wrong ESN..Second time I call the guy says" its clear". I then explain what Id been told 5 minutes prior.He checks again...AND finds a balance.

    I email the seller. She agrees to refund(which is pending now) and send a money order for the paypal fees(which im a little skeptical about)

    Good thing..i got my money back. Bad thing.. Ive got to look elsewhere for a phone. Or maybe ill sit put for newer generations..

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