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    Any word if the BlackJack will be upgradeable? I'm leaning towards getting one but if it's not going to recieve the upgrade, why bother.
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    Well, there's two issues there:

    1) I just heard from MS's webcast that literally every WM5 device is fully capable of running WM6. They did all their testing on WM5 devices - if it can run WM5, it can run WM6.

    2) Fine, but the real question is whether or not Cingular will give you the update (or whether or not somebody can make it 'available'). I'm less than optimistic about this, though it does help that T-Mobile has announced they'll be updating the Dash.

    Edit: You may want to take a look at the mega roundup 2, which shows a few different devices running WM6. I know for sure that, as far as current devices go, the Treo 750, the Cingular 8525, and the T-Mobile Dash will all see WM6 one way or another.

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