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    my company is switching to Sprint and I don't know if I should get the 700wx or the 700p... coming from my treo 680 on cingular and the GSM speeds are slow... what you guys think lol

    I've been using palm for the longest time and just wanted peoples opinion... I'm sure this topics been on for the longest time...

    If the WX can upgrade to the new WM6 for sure i'd stick to the wx hahah
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    The upgrade is still up in the air, but I am leaning towards it not happening.

    My thinking is that if you're that used to the 680 then the 700p would be the easiest transition. I like the 700wx myself though.
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    I went from the 650 on T-Mobile to the 700wx on Sprint. I love the 700wx. Yeah, the screen resolution is not as nice as the 650, but the 700wx plus EVDO . . . wow.

    If your company has an Exchange Server then I think your decision is made -- go with the 700wx because it works seamlessly with the Exchange Server for your PIM functionality and gives you great push email.

    I am slowly acquiring the replacement third party software on the WM side. It's not as hard a project as I thought. Blue Pill on the 650 is replaced with Msafe. SplashID is on both platforms. Google Maps is on both platforms.

    I'm still looking for a travel expense tracker (to replace Adarian's fabulous Expense Diary) and a time/billing program to replace the very replaceable T.E.A.K.
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    The difference between the p and the wx is really personal preference.

    I have tried both, and I just like Windows Mobile better than POS. Sure, one can find faults with any device (screen, etc.), but the wx is a very solid phone/PDA. I wouldn't suggest letting WM6 be your deciding factor, since WM5 is still a very capable system.
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    The 700p/680 have full exchange integration as well.
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