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    Does anyone know why Sprint says I cant use business connection with this phone. Im moving from a 6700 to a 700 and don't understand why I wouldn't beable to.

    Does anyone know if there is a workaround, or a good inexpensive product that would do the same?

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    i think they have technically been trying to push eas...they even tell us (employees) when we request a biz connect account that they longer recommend it and either recommend us requesting eas access or goodlink

    i forgot you can still use the same biz connect that u used on the 6700 for the wx. I did it for 4 months before i found out they giving us EAS access
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    Thanks for the info that I can choose th 6700 download, but I'm gong to look stupid here, but what is EAS and goodlink. Im assuming EAS might be Exchange Active Sync, but not sure.

    But again that would require a Exchange server which I dont have.
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    yes EAS is Exchange Active Sync and goodlink is another push email client that alot of companies con is fine i just dislike the seperate calendar
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    haha, you posted this a ppcgeeks too!

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    Let me clarify, I don't run a Exchange server. I do run Outlook 2007 and am looking to retrieve and sync emails on my phone as they come into Outlook. My PC is on 24/7 and can be remotely accessed if needed for a restart or maintainance

    I also receive emails filtering in from about 7 different email address's and need to be able to reply from that email account

    PS, Elephant, yes your correct

    I need answers so I can decide if I activate these 700W's or stay with our 6700's
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    I use Biz Connect and it works fine. I switched from the 6700 and had to beam the CAB files to my Treo. I had no problems installing it and it has been working without any problems.
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    BizConn works better on my wx than any other PDA phone I've owned.

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