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    I wanted to know whats the biggest size memory card i can use on my palm treo 700wx, right now i bought a 2 gig one and that works, but i heard thats the max im not sure though because one of my buddies has a palm 700p and he said that all he needs to do is update some software and he can use up to 8 gigs...if anyone knows please help me out.

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    I have the 700w & tried a 4gig. Phone dosent even see the card. my 2gig works fine. If you find a software upgrade to use a bigger card please let me know.
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    For the Treo 700P your buddy is updating FAT to FAT32. This is not a supported hack, and I have not heard of it for the windows-based palm devices, but I also have not heard what the card limitations are for the windows-based devices.
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    I have a 700wx and a Transcend 4GB card works fine. The BIG question is whether I can use an 8GB card.
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    My 4GB A-data card has been working just fine for almost 1 year.
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    i also have a Transcend 4GB card but it doesnt seem to read it on my 700wx, so i had to buy a 2 gig one.

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