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    Treo 750 Cingular
    SBS 2003 SP2
    I have read every thread and tried every fix that I can find. and still cannot
    get this stupid phone to work. I have been on this for a week. I have Go Daddy certificates. I have been working with thier tech support for 4 days now. They are saying the certificate is not chaining down(???) Is there something I am missing on the server? I am at a loss. We have three of these phones, and my boss travels quite a lot. The 650 phone phones with sprint worked fine with the server, but there was no push feature. We got these phones also for the overseas calling feature. I know this has been discussed here for the 700W phone but nothing there helped
    ANy Ideas????????
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    Looks like I stumped everyone on this one. Any one know anything about SBS 2003. Maybe I have something set up wrong there
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    Try going to this site:

    The title of the document is "Deploying Windows Mobile 5.0 with Windows Small Business Server 2003"

    There is a section in there about installing certificates. Good luck!
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    Thanks Silent; I have been there done that. I have it printed out right here on my desk. I have reinstalled the whole thing twice. Thanks again

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