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    I got my 4gb Topram minisd on eBay about a week ago and it works great on my Treo 750. I've read conflicting information about this and was really crossing my fingers that it would work.

    The first thing I did was to stick the card into my Dell's laptop built-in SD card reader (I used the adaptor to turn it into full size SD) and formatted it. Tested the card filling it up to almost 4gb with my flac music files and they all play fine. So far, no problem with the card freezing up my Treo or dissapearing at all. Speed seems good, not enough to cause any problem with normal operations with the Treo.

    The thing that is strange is that if I am on any screen and I ejected the card and reinsert it, the device doesn't see it. BUT if I am at the Memory-->Storage Card tab and I do the same (eject and reinsert), it shows up immediately.

    But so far after a week, not a single problem. Thought I would share this with you guys.
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    Yeah, i have the same card (about 3 days in the phone) and tonight about 3 hours ago it stopped reading it. now after a bunch of resets i can't seem to get it to recognize it. So i'm back to my 1gb card......sux cuz i thought it would work. I had about 1gb of music on the other card too that i was using as my "ipod".....oh well i'll try to put it in sometime this week.

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