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    I had Blue Pill on my 650. (I learned my lesson after leaving my Treo in a taxi in Boston -- the next customer was kind enough to grab it and yell at me as I was headed down the sidewalk so I didn't lose it but I scared myself).

    Now I have a 700wx. What is the equivalent program for Windows?
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    Program is an "antitheft" solution. You have to create a list of competent SIM cards. Program checks active SIM card against the list of the owner's SIM cards during booting up the device. If identification fails program switches to user monitor mode. In this mode program tracks all user's calls and text correspondence and sends this data to predefined number via SMS or e-mail after passing arranged time interval. This valuable information makes possible to track stolen or lost phone down. Also it's possible to manipulate the device by sending special crafted command messages via SMS (you can destroy the inserted SIM card, delete all information on the SIM card etc.) One of the most important features is that the program runs totally invisible - there's no run icon and no entries in process list. Device must be security unlocked!
    mSafe implements reliable kill-pill feature by enabling you to lock the device or completely erase the content of the device and SD card by sending it a single SMS message.

    If an unauthorized person comes into possession of your Treo, or you simply forget to take it with you but want to make sure that the information in it is safe, just send that SMS message to your Treo and keep your data protected.

    While your Treo is in your hands, you will hardly notice mSafe is there.

    In this busy and high tech world, people started using their Pocket PC's for storing important info right from Credit card information to Contacts. Imagine if the device is stolen! Worst! You are stuck in the middle of Fire thinking either about the lost device or the inportant data getting into a third person' hands! So to save you in these situation, we have developed the innovative and the World's Best Security application for your Pocket PC devices!

    Ultimate Theft Alert v3 (for Pocket PC Phone Editions only)

    This software sends the thief's contact number to your pre-defined mobile number when your device is stolen.

    The software works hidden in the Pocket PC and checks the SIM card every time the Pocket PC device is cold-booted, soft-reset or after a SIM change. So when an unmatched SIM to the Owner's is inserted into the Pocket PC, it sends an SMS using the new SIM card to your pre-defined number (Maybe to your Dad'/Partner' number). So its like getting the thief' mobile number itself from your stolen Pocket PC device! And you can set any number of SIM's to be recognized as your own and only the rest is identified as thief'.

    The software will also not let the thief know that its been running in your Pocket PC or an SMS has been sent.

    Multiple SIM support
    Lifetime Free updates
    Ultimate support via E-mail
    Survive Hard-reset!
    Easy to configure!

    Of note is that WM5 with exchange sync will allow an administrator to wipe your phone, and WM6 with exchange 2007 will allow the user to do the same remotely.

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    The Surur-pedia! Wow, thanks for the pointers.
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    Downloaded Msafe. Looks good.
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    I lost my Treo 700w. This saved me. The tech support is amazing.
    You can remote lock, hardreset, unlock the phone and the sd card via a text message from any mobile phone. If you use a sim card, it will notify you via a text message any time the sim card is changed.

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