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    Does the Martin Fields protector have the little tabs on the peel off layers so you can apply the protector without getting fingerprints on the sticky side of the protector?
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    Nope but they are still worth the purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhifi View Post
    Nope but they are still worth the purchase.

    Easy to install without messing them up?
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    Yeah it would have been nice to have a tab like the Box Wave clear touch's do. It takes a little bit of fiddling with to separate the backing but once I was able to start peeling it back I rolled up a little piece of scotch tape around my finger to hold the protector on the outside once I removed the backing. Than I was able to align and apply it straight from there.
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    Do you think the Fields is better then the boxwave?
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    It's a toss up...
    In my opinion they are both good. I think the MF is a bit thicker material. I've only had it for a couple of weeks now but it is very clean and allows for sharp detail.
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    Try affixing a piece of scotch tape to both sides at the same corner. Then peel the pieces of scotch tape apart in order to get the separation started.

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