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    hi, ive a treo 750 and a kenwood kca-bt100 bluetooth box in my car, the car should be able to download the phone book but i have no idea how. Kenwood show a very small list of phones that are fully compatible with their bluetooth kit i wondered if treo has a bit of software that can help ?
    heres the website:
    but i guess there must be loads of bluetooth car kits that can do this so has anyone else managed to get this sorted ?

    Mr.Ben (is this the right forum for this?)
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    Mr. Ben - I think I read somewhere that Treo devices (650, 700, 750, etc.) are not able to load phone book to cars because of where the contacts are saved. I think you'll find that numbers you set up in "speed dial" will be displayed in your car's phone book. At least that's what I've found.
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    Do you know if the 700p works with the KCA-BT100 module for kenoowd?

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