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    Is there a good instant messaging application (Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ, etc.) for WM5/PPC like the Palm Treo 750 (United States, Cingular)? My fingers are bleeding from Googling to find such a beast. My gawd, there is a friggin mint to be made for a decent WM5 integrated instant messenger client. The Cingular people are less than helpful for their unlimited Internet 3G access customers who are going to use a little bandwidth. I am paying for it, I sure would like to make use of it! cough sputter hack. /rant.
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    try these

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    Try octrotalk. I think they are at it reminds me a little of veritalk. it's newer and may lack some the the full features but I like the look of it. I must say in communicating with their support line, they respond quickly and have been EXTREMELY helpfull.

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